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We are here for you with the mission to become an educational organization imparting the highest quality education to students with the purpose to contribute to society using technology.

Aarambh App is an e-learning application that is built to help students in learning while making learning easy and attractive to them. Aarambh App provides videos relevant to topics that are part of courses related to a particular class which helps the student to learn concepts of every subject easily. Aims of Aarambh App are to

  • Make the information and study materials better available for learners.
  • Diversify the study process and make it efficient and contemporary.
  • Make e-learning cost-effective.
  • Increase the learning speed.
  • Avoid boredom while learning and increase the interest in learning through videos and other materials.

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AARAMBH APP invites stationery shop keepers and online service providers to become a retail partner of AARAMBH APP for their respective areas. As a retail partner, you get a great opportunity to earn a handsome commission with an investment of just 5000 rupees. To know more please contact us on our contact number or email us.

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Mr. Pradeep Pandey
Ms. Priyanka Wadnere
Mr. Vijendra Khowal
Ms. Hemlata Jain

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Reliable learning solutions is an e-learning provider. We offer the best and complete video tutorials for CBSE students from class 6th to 8th through its application, ‘AARAMBH APP’.

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